PayEye prepares for expansion in the United States – Gary Burtka appointed as President of PayEye USA

PayEye is beginning preparations for its global expansion and one of the first markets it will enter will be the United States. The fintech will be supported in realizing the “American dream” by Gary Burtka, the new President of PayEye USA. Gary Burtka is an experienced executive who previously held leadership roles at RTB House and Criteo, among others. He has now joined the PayEye team as President of PayEye USA and will be responsible for the development and implementation of one glance payments in one of the largest markets in the world.

Gary Burtka has more than two decades of business experience. He was responsible for launching and introducing a Polish Adtech company to the US market. He was the first American to join the RTB House Inc. team and successfully launched the brand in the US. During his six-year career at RTB House, he oversaw and built out all of the local teams including sales, marketing, account management and various technical teams. An early adapter of AI, he emerged as one of the first managers to start using artificial intelligence to increase productivity. Burtka’s dossier also includes the development of a media company, which he successfully managed for many years.

I want to use my experience and contacts in the US market to introduce and develop the world’s most innovative payment service. I am excited about the challenges that PayEye’s global management team and I have set for ourselves. I believe that Americans will adopt this type of payment very quickly and will be eager to use it. The potential of the U.S. market is huge, and that’s why PayEye, which is ahead of the competition in terms of technology, will join the biggest players in the world. This gives us a huge advantage and allows us to look to the future with optimism,” comments Gary Burtka, President of PayEye USA. 

PayEye is the company that was the first in the world to commercially deploy iris-based payment identification technology in a first pilot in 2020 and eye and face fusion in a second pilot in 2022. Today, PayEye is preparing for a commercial exit with its entire ecosystem, which includes the eyePOS payment terminal, state-of-the-art e-payeye payments for e-commerce, and the main element of the ecosystem, which is the PayEye app.  In addition to the ability to assign one’s own selected payment cards to a personal biometric template and thus approve payments with a single glance, the app also becomes a powerful marketing tool, increasing the number of customers and transactions through a platform for merchants – PayEye Zone, which connects stationary and online stores to the customer community all in one PayEye app.

This creates a new global social platform where shoppers can observe their favorite places where they shop, and merchants can share promotional content with the community of shoppers, encouraging repeat purchases by building better relationships and reaching out to new customers, consequently effectively increasing the number of store visitors, which realistically increases sales volume. Importantly, the PayEye app for users and access to the PayEye ZONE for merchants is free. The only condition for using the ecosystem from PayEye for merchants is to have an eyePOS terminal and/or a new e-payeye payment method based on the use of technology – one click.

By using biometrics for identification when approving payments, PayEye is solving a huge global problem related to the increasing amount of payment card fraud. An additional advantage for shoppers is that when shopping, there is no need to take cash, phone or wallet out of your pocket or purse – we will complete the payment with one glance at stationary points or with one click in the blink of an eye at online stores – even those where we will be shopping for the first time without registration. 

PayEye is the most convenient and secure payment approval in the world.



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